What We Offer


  1. Design Programming & User Analysis:  All the things you want your space to be & all the things you need the space to do.
  2. Concept Development & Space planning: How do we maximize the potential of your space?
  3. Budgeting & Sourcing:  How much is this going to cost and where are we going to find these things?
  4. Material, Finish & Equipment Selections:What does your space look like? What materials suit the functions of the space? What sizes and proportions are appropriate?
  5. Construction Documents: Let’s get this stamped! We’ll produce permit drawings and all documents necessary to go to pricing and construction
  6. Project Management & Purchasing: Let us take care of it all.



Each project is different- each home is unique. Instead of offering one solution for all spaces, we prefer to work on a proposal basis. We come to meet you in the space and get an idea of the scope of work.  Within 48 hours, you will receive a proposal, free of charge, of what we can bring to the table and what we can take off your plate.

Most of our clients end up using our services in one of the following formats:

Full Service Design Package {Preliminary Design Phase + Construction Drawing Phase + Project Management }estimate about 10% of the overall budget.

Hourly Consultations {Paint Colors, Permit Drawings, Personal Shopping, Custom Furniture Design etc..} $85 per hour

Simple. Life. Design.




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