Who We Are



Maria Artmann started her life long adventure in Brazil where she studied architecture, she spend some time in Barcelona appreciating Gaudi to finally settled down in Montreal, where she currently lives.   She likes her coffee dark and very sweet. She dislikes messiness and inefficiency.

At the age of 8 Emeline Villedary designed her first house on graph paper. It had a rose garden, a stable and a secondary home for her sister. She prizes her hand drafted planner and truly believes that half of her belongs in the country and the other half in the city.


Those are the core values of Artmann Villedary Interiors with which we strive to infuse each project. The perfect space doesn’t just look good, it feels smart and is easy to use. So whether you are embarking on a renovation, a new build or simply wanting to refresh an existing space, we are here to plan it out, hold your hand and get it done.

Founded in 2013,  we service clients all over Montreal and its surrounding areas.



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